What is the going rate for commision on timber sales?

Hello Morris,

I reached out to the Association for Consulting Foresters and here is what they said:

There is no “standard” fee or commission for a forester.

For those who work for a percentage of the timber sale revenue, the answer is “it depends.”  A longtime client with a management plan might get a more favorable rate.  Also, it depends on the stand, the timber prices in the area and the time constraints on the job.  If a consulting forester is very busy and the landowner needs the work done in a hurry, like any professional, the forester may charge a higher fee.  And, if the stand is of high value that would be a factor as well.

Some foresters don’t work on commission at all but charge either an hourly or by the job rate. 

The only way to find out the going rate for timber sales commissions is to contact several ACF members in your area and ask them.  More than likely, they will not be able to give you more than a commission range without vising the site and finding out the landowner’s objectives.  For example, what services are required?  Is reforestation involved, are permits required, has there been a recent survey….?

They also have a page on their website about Cost of Services that you might want to check out. 

We also have a page on My Land Plan about Choosing a Consulting Forester that might help.

Feel free to post any additional questions that you might have.