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Are there any financial assistance programs to enhance wildlife, in particular whitetail deer, on an 1100 acre tract used for hunting in South Carolina. 7 years 3 weeks none
Selling the timber 5 years 1 month none
Cost Sharing Programs 3 years 6 months none
How do I obtain a Forestry-management plan? 1 year 10 months none
Is there a good ratio of different tree species to have? 6 years 8 months none
Can someone provide a ballpark cost of having a Forester review my property (115 Acres of 50+yr old woods). 4 years 11 months none
Do I need a minimum amount of acerage before I can log my timber for profit? 3 years 5 months none
Logging Land 1 year 10 months none
I have 10.37 acres of vacant zoned Forest 1 in Grand View, WI. I bought in 1995 and planned to have camp for family, friends, or inner city kids summer camp. But the land is very wet (low lands). Said to be perked and buildable. 6 years 7 months none
Annie Estate 4 years 11 months none
Can I harvest the timber on these 40 acres so that I can create pasture for horses 3 years 4 months none
How to properly remove Buckhorn? 1 year 9 months none
I have almost 5 acres and was wondering if I could sell any of the trees on it or not? 6 years 7 months none
What would it cost me to get help identifying the trees/brush to clear out to improve what remains in my 7-8 acres of treas? 4 years 11 months none
I have 50 acres of Land in East Texas, and need help on managing it, would like for 40 acres to be used as Timberland. I need to speak with a Consultant. 3 years 2 months none
I would like to harvest the lumber on this property 1 year 9 months none