What Type of Woods Do You Have?

Learn more about the type of forest you have. 

Across the US, forest types can vary dramatically, from the tall Redwoods and Douglas Firs in the Northwest to the Loblolly Pine forests in the South to the Hardwood forests in the Midwest and Northeast.  Climate including rain fall and temperature changes as well as soils can cause different trees to grow in different locations.  What type of forest do you have?  What are the dominate tree species in your area? 

What type of forest you have can affect the type of activities you do to improve the health of your woods and what wildlife you could see. There are many resources out there that can help you figure out what is the dominate forest type in your area:

Map your land and record what you have and where it is located

Are you located in an area with Oak forests?  Find out more about Oak Woodlands:

The types of trees on your land isn't the only thing to think about.  These Young Forests can play an important role on your land:


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