How can I make my land better? For wildlife and overall enjoyment of walking or hiking?

I am located in the Gravois Mills area near lake Ozarks, I have 40 acres, over half wooded. Raised cattle on part of it but took off and have them no more. Grass in pastures is excellent.

Hi James,

Thanks for your question.  First I would recommend using the mapping tool to map your boundaries and some of the features you like on your land (including areas you like to walk, trails you already have, areas you might like to create trails, where you see wildlife, current wildlife features like watering holes or feeders, etc.).  Then I would take some time to think about your goals and document them in the goal setting tool.  For each of the goals you suggest, you will see recommended activities. 

Then I would suggest reading these sections to get ideas on what you might be interested in:

Finally, I would find a forester in your area that you can work with to help you achieve your goals and recommend more activities that would be right for your land.

Hope that helps!