I need a forester in or around north west mo.

I need help with a tree plan I am trying to go throw MDC. I need help with a evaluation of what kind of trees and what they are worth and help me with selling to a logger I need someone kinda to oversee everything. I have never sold trees before and have no idea on how to sell them and I don't want to get under paid and my woods get over cut don't want them to be unhealthy by over cutting thanks.

Hi Eric,

Thanks so much for your question.  We have some information that I think would help you:

I would also recommend that you take some time to think about the goals that you have for your woods.  This will help the forester you work with ensure that any timber harvesting will not negatively affect the future health of your woods and the values you have for it.  We have a goals tool that can help you identify your goals

We have some instructions available to help walk you through this process of connecting to our 460 plus foresters from around the country.  Through your account, you can Request a Consultation and share a read-only version of your map and goals. 

We also have some helpful content around Choosing a Consulting Forester and Finding and Hiring a Consulting Forester

Hope that helps.

Caroline Kuebler

Program Manager for MyLandPlan.org