Names of reliable foresters and loggers near my property

Hello Jim,

Thanks so much for your question!  On My Land Plan, we try to make it as easy as possible to find a professional forester.  When you are logged in to your Land Plan you can find a forester a couple of different ways:

1) On your Land Plan you will see a section on the left hand side that will show your Nearest Foresters.  This information is pulled from the data you have entered in for your land plan.  You can click on the foresters name and view their profile or you can click on View the Full List of Foresters to do a larger search. 

2) When you are looking on our content pages, you will see the Who Can Help navigation on the left hand side.  If you click on Find A Forester, you can search for foresters near you by entering in your zip code.

Once you have viewed all the profiles and found a foresters that you think meets your need, then you can:

  • Add that forester to your List of Foresters found on your Plan by clicking the orange Add to My Forester List button
  • Request a consultation with that forester by clicking the orange Request Consultation button.  This will automatically email the forester and let them know that you are interested in working with them.  You will also have the ability to share your plan with that forester so they can see where your property is, what you have identified as your goals and activities for your land.  This way they will be well prepared to set up a meeting with you. 
  • Once you have developed a professional relationship with a forester, you can also recommend your forester to other My Land Plan users.  By clicking the I have Worked with (insert Foresters Name) on the Foresters Profile, you can then click the Recommend box and insert your comments about that foresters.

We also have some great information on how to find foresters and loggers.  Including

We hope this information is helpful.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions,

Caroline Kuebler

Project Manager for My Land Plan