tree sale

I would like to sell 3 to 4 acres of pine trees on my property. the trees are a natural stand. I would like to sell the trees and clear the area for future trees to be planted.

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your question.  We have some good resources for those who are interested in harvesting some of the wood on their land:

I would definitely recommend working with a forester to help you plan and market your harvest.  If you don't already have a forester, you can connect with one through our Forester Directory.  We also have information on finding and hiring a consulting forester

You will most likely need to also work with a logger and we have some good suggestions on hiring a logger

The mapping tool can help you plan for your harvest, as can the task list tool, where you can keep track of the different steps in the process. 

Hope this helps.


Program Manager,