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Should I plant younger trees in an area that has several old growth firs? 2 years 6 months none
I will like to grow Burma Padauk and Berchemia zeyher among other things like citrus, etc and claim it as a farm can I?? 6 months 3 weeks none
What activities or tasks do I need to do to accomplish "fire mitigation" of my property? 7 years 7 months none
What would it cost me to get help identifying the trees/brush to clear out to improve what remains in my 7-8 acres of treas? 5 years 2 months none
How to start over a stand of loblolly pines ? 4 years 6 months none
What is the market for Paulownia Tree? 2 years 4 months none
How do I find a logger to purchase pine trees in Lavinia, Tennessee 38321 4 months 1 hour none
so i have just over 4 acres and was wondering if i could sell any of the timber on it ? 7 years 7 months none
I lost about 5000bf to the mountain pine beetle and I was not able to recover any value from this timber. Is this loss tax deductible? 6 years 4 months none
What do we do once the harvesting is completed? What are the responsibilities of the harvesting company? 4 years 4 months none
Creating a first year plan for a recent clear 57 acre purchase near McDermott Ohio. 2 years 4 months none
NC Fire season 7 years 6 months none
DAVIS, LOCKLEY,MITCHELL ESTATE 6 years 3 months none
Porter Farm 4 years 3 months none
Conducting a Burn 2 years 2 months none
Are there any financial assistance programs to enhance wildlife, in particular whitetail deer, on an 1100 acre tract used for hunting in South Carolina. 7 years 4 months none
what is pine "woodsrun"?? 6 years 3 months none
We have several trees that appear dead or dying. 4 years 2 weeks none
AZ 40 acres 2 years 2 months none
Is it possible to have the back of our property logged to get rid of the large trees? We live in a residential area in Mead, WA. 6 years 2 weeks none
What are natural herbicides that you use? 5 years 1 month none
Cost Sharing Programs 3 years 10 months none
How do I obtain a Forestry-management plan? 2 years 1 month none
If Oak tree considered healthy enough for other things then timber could be relocated and sold for conservation? 5 years 1 month none
Do I need a minimum amount of acerage before I can log my timber for profit? 3 years 8 months none