Birds in your woods

Wisconsin landowner Nancy Livingston provides housing each summer to a student volunteer who monitors warbler nests.

As a woodland owner you have a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the diverse community of birds living in your woods—and also to encourage that community to grow through your stewardship of the land. Once you get to know the types of birds that can live in your region, and what they need to thrive, you can plan the care of your woods with birds in mind. If your woods provide what a given bird needs, chances are it will come.

Attracting birds with healthy habitat

The health of any bird community depends on the availability of quality, safe habitat they need to nest, forage and breed. In-tact forests are one of the most important assets for birds and many bird populations are struggling due to the fragmentation and degradation of America’s forests.

As a woodland owner you have the ability to give these beautiful and lively creatures what they most need--a healthy place to live and breed. This section will show you how to protect and care for your woods to support bird populations.


Create a Healthy Bird Habitat
More Steps to Take
Attracting Birds with Feeders
Doing a Bird Count in Your Woods
Superfoods for Birds
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