Forest Health 101

A forest restoration expert and landowner inspect a longleaf pine stand for signs of good health and proper management.

Your forest is more than just trees—it’s the community of plants and animals that make your woods their home, the soil, air and water that sustain them all, and the cycles of birth, growth and death they all experience. It’s a system, and it’s healthy when all the pieces are in balance.

When the system is healthy, your trees are healthy too.  But how can you tell?

To measure the health of your forest, you will need to look at every element in the system. That may sound like a lot, but all you really need is a checklist and some time to look around in your woods.

This section will show you:

Your actions as a landowner reach beyond your woods. They affect the health of our whole world. Learn your forest health 101, and you’ll know what actions you need to take.

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