Global Climate Change


The significant changes to world climate due to the buildup of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere may radically alter climate patterns and habitat conditions. Because rapid climate warming is unprecedented, scientists cannot be certain what the impacts will be, or how different birds will react. Intense weather events and significant sea level rise are likely, and are already happening in some locations.


Protecting and restoring healthy forests and other habitats
Climate change is a huge problem and you might wonder whether anything you do will make a difference. As a woodland owner, you can take action to stem climate change and reduce its impact on birds and other wildilfe. Healthy woods are a bulwark against climate change and its consequences.

Furthermore, lands that have been protected for birds and other wildlife may suffer extreme drought or flooding, hurricanes or tornadoes, which is why private property and family forests will become even more important for the future of wildlife. Good stewardship on private woodlands will provide a safety net for birds searching for healthy, safe habitat as the impacts of global climate change unfold.

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