Seasonal Management Activities

Interest in deer management usually runs high in the fall, but there are activities you can do on your land year-round to help boost the size and health of the deer population. Use this checklist as a guide.

Year-round activities

  • Planting and maintaining food plots


  • Pruning mast-producing trees when trees are dormant (usually late February/early March, depending on where you live).
  • Fertilizing mast-producing trees and patches of native vegetation.
  • Planting young dormant trees in early spring. 
  • Protecting seedlings/young trees from wildlife.
  • Planting food plots for warm-season consumption. (Follow these tips on what to plant).
  • Mowing perennial food plots for weed control.
  • Thinning tree stands.
  • Establish watering holes.
  • Discing (mid to late spring) to encourage warm-season forbs.
  • Prescribed burns (early spring) to stimulate legumes and forbs.


  • Irrigating food plots during dry summer months.
  • Planting food plots for cool-season consumption.


  • Discing at this time of year will encourage cool-season forbs.
  • Plant food plots for winter.


  • Prescribe burns to stimulate spring-time growth of legumes and forbs.
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