Thousand Cankers Disease

TCD, a walnut grower’s worst nightmare, is threatening to ruin everything that woodland owners are working for.

What You Need to Know

Thousand Cankers Disease is a newly recognized disease, first described in 2008 in Colorado. But scientists realized that it had been around since the 1990s. It's caused by a beetle and a fungus, working together.

The disease affects mainly black walnuts but can attack other walnuts, too. It's native to the western U.S. It has also been found in Tennessee, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

These maps how the states where the disease has been found and where the trees affected by Thousand Cankers Disease live.

With the right information, you can protect your woods. Start by learning about Thousand Cankers Disease biology, or jump to steps for damage control or prevention. And remember, help is always available.

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