MyLandPlan can help you wildfire-proof your woods.

Whether natural or man-made, fires have always had a hand in shaping the world’s forests. In fact, many forests depend on fire to stay healthy.

But the changing climate, drought and forests that are densely packed with fuel have created conditions that can make wildfires dangerous. In the U.S. alone, wildfires claim 4 to 5 million acres of land and hundreds of homes each year.

That means it’s important for woodland owners to understand the role of fire in their woods and the best ways to prevent dangerous conditions. With the right information and a little pro-active care, you can protect your family, your home and your woods from wildfire.

In this section, you’ll learn what wildfires are and why they happen, how fire affects your forest, what to do when fire happens, and how to wildfire-proof your woods.

And if you need more information or help, you’ll find it in our Fire Resources Guide.

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