Protecting your woods also means protecting yourself with the right insurance.

ensuring your forest's future

You’re working hard to protect your land. You’re learning about the natural and man-made dangers that can threaten it, and you’re taking time to keep it healthy, strong and beautiful in spite of those dangers.  But shouldn’t you be protected too?

An important part of protecting your property is protecting yourself.  And let’s face it: that isn’t always easy.  The activities you enjoy on your land—hiking, hunting, inviting others to enjoy your woods with you—come with risks as well as rewards.  Accidents can happen, disaster can strike, and if you and your assets aren’t protected, your financial well-being can hang in the balance. 

The good news is that there are insurance providers who understand the liabilities landowners may face, and have options tailored specifically to your needs. When the unforeseen happens, insurance can protect you, your family and the future of your forest.

Step through our guide to learn if insurance is right for you , what insurance options are available, what your legal protections and responsibilities are, and where you can find more information.

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