What Kind Should I Get?

Make sure you have the right policy for what is happening on your land.

Woodland owners who want to insure their land have lots of choices. Depending on what values or uses of your property you want to protect, you may consider one of the following insurance types.

  • Comprehensive Property or Business coverage safeguards your property and any buildings or other improvements you’ve made on your land in case of loss or damage.
  • Hunt Lease Liability coverage protects you if you lease hunting rights or otherwise charge hunters a fee to hunt on your property. Allowing hunting and other recreational activities on your property carries the risk of accidents, injuries, and resulting lawsuits. Without proper insurance coverage, you may be liable for medical and legal expenses if something should happen. The right hunt lease liability insurance can shield you from those expenses, cover any damages to your property, and even protect your guests.   
  • Timberland and Standing Timber Insurance coverage is designed for timberland owners and managers. It values the trees on your land (not just the land itself) and insures them in case they are stolen or lost to fire, wind, and other natural disasters. This kind of policy offers the added benefit of enabling you to borrow against the value of your timber.
  • Consulting Foresters Liability coverage protects you and your consulting forester when you work together to manage your woods. When you call on a consulting forester to help you care or plan for your property, he or she must provide you with proof that they have adequate insurance. That means their insurance covers their liability, errors and omissions, and lists you as a “co-insured” so you’re protected too.
  • Prescribed Burn Liability coverage protects you if your controlled burn escapes onto another person’s property, damages your trees, structures, or soil and water resources in ways you didn’t expect, gets out of control and requires suppression, or results in injury or death. 
  • Guides and Outfitters Liability coverage protects you if you host or run guided activities, including hunts. It includes your property and your guests, as well as any injuries, property damage or loss or theft of equipment used in these guided activities.
  • Logging/Farm Equipment Insurance protects you from the costs of repairing or replacing the often expensive equipment needed to manage and maintain your property.

You may need other kinds of insurance for other activities—if, for example, you employ workers on your land or use part of it for farming. Only an attorney, insurance agent or other trusted professional can give you specific advice about your insurance needs.

Now, all this talk about liabilities may have you wondering what your legal protections and responsibilities are. Here’s what you need to know.


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