Your Legacy, Your Land

Plan for a bright future for your family and your land. 

Legacy planning is important for ensuring the hard work you’ve put into your land lasts for generations to come. It involves developing a plan for the long term future of your land. It includes addressing who will inherit your land in your will, but it also includes engaging the next generations of landowners. Each plan is unique to the owner and their land.  Starting the process can be a bit daunting though.  But there are small steps that you can start right now that get you on the path to developing your legacy plan. 

So are you ready to get started planning for your legacy? 

Have you taken the Legacy Pledge? 

What is the Legacy Pledge?  The pledge is your personal commitment that highlights the important role your woods play in your legacy.  It has something for everyone, no matter where you are in the planning process.  You can select one or more of the activities from learning more about legacy planning if you are just getting started, to following up on steps in your plan if you’ve already completed your plan. 

Make a commitment to yourself and your land, take the Legacy Pledge today!

Learn More About the Steps You Can Take To Start Planning For The Legacy Of Your Land


Learn More About The Online Tools Available For Your In Your Planning Process

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