Planning for Your Estate

Are you planning for the next generation?

From choosing the right professional help to deciding on the best management activities for your trees, it takes a lot of planning to care for your woods. Estate planning involves looking beyond the short- or medium-term to the fate of your woods as part of your estate.

Your estate is the sum of your assets—including, for example, your home, land, savings and other accounts, and your belongings—and your estate plan distributes those assets to meet the personal and financial needs of your family members after you’re gone. It’s your legacy, recorded through documents (like your will) and actions you’ve specified according to your wishes.

Your land is an important part of that legacy, so careful estate planning is essential to its future. Estate planning can help you control what happens to your land, such as who owns it and what they can do with it, after you pass away. But estate planning doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming—with the right tools, assistance and good communication, it can be a process that brings your family closer together and brings you some peace of mind.

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