Knowing What You Have: Working with an Appraiser

Appraising the value of the land you love. 

Land is valuable. For many landowners, it is the most valuable asset in their estate. So having an accurate estimate of its market value is an important part of planning for your forest’s future, and can be essential for tax planning, setting up conservation easements and other activities that may be part of your estate plan.

To get a precise estimate, you’ll need to work with an appraiser. An appraiser is a professional who is licensed or certified by the state and trained to calculate the current market value of your land.

This section will help prepare you for working with an appraiser. You’ll learn:

Knowing what you have is an important part of planning for your land’s future—and understanding what appraisers do and how they do it is a key first step to getting that knowledge.


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