Resources for Cumberland Plateau Landowners

Landowner Resources for the Cumberland Plateau

Across the Cumberland Plateau, 61% of the region is forested. What’s more, the majority of this forestland is owned by landowners like you. 

Fast Facts About the Cumberland Plateau:

  • The forests of the Cumberland Plateau have historically included loblolly-shortleaf pine, oak-hickory, and oak-pine. But over time, the pine forests have been replaced with oak and hickory, mainly due to the suppression of natural wildfire which helps pines thrive. This has led to the rapid decline in the shortleaf pine population, which is hurting wildlife species.
  • The Cumberland Plateau is home to 55 endangered species. These 55 species are at risk of disappearing for good. Some of these species include the red-cockaded woodpecker, the Cahaba shiner and the green pitcher plant.
  • One of the biggest threats to the forests of this area are weed species brought in from other parts of the world, like Chinese privet, multiflora rose and kudzu. These weeds can take over an area, pushing out the native plants and the insects and animals that depend on them.
  • The forests within the Cumberland Plateau support a local forest products industry that employs over 28,000 workers and generates nearly $138 million in taxes, accounting for 2.5% of the regions total workforce. This industry creates lumber, strand board, packaging, pilings and polls from the working forest throughout this region.

Landowner Resources to Get Starting Caring for Your Land:

Landowner Resources About Invasive Species:
Landowner Resources on Wildlife:
Landowner Resources on Timber Management

Be sure to check out these additional landowner resources to help you do your part to conserve the forests of the Cumberland Plateau: