The Cumberland Plateau

My Alabama Woods – The Cumberland Plateau

The Cumberland Plateau of north Alabama is one of the more scenic and diverse regions of the state. From the sandstone plateaus and ridges with carved limestone to the shale and dolomite canyons and valleys, the beauty of this region is hard to miss.  Likely this is partially the reason you own timberland or live in this area.

You likely too have goals and desires for your forestland. Perhaps:

  • You want to help improve habitat for Alabama wildlife and game species, or for at-risk or declining species
  • You want to help the historically significant shortleaf pine species which has been declining for decades
  • You want to improve the health of the streams, creeks and waterways on your land
  • You want to learn more about prescribed burning and how it can play a role in ensuring the health of your forests
  • You simply have a desire to learn more about your trees and keep them healthy, perhaps by attending events like field days or training workshops
  • You are interested in getting technical assistance on forestry to help you accomplish what you want to do

If any of these are goals for your land, the My Alabama Woods Cumberland Plateau project might be right for you.


What is the My Alabama Woods – Cumberland Plateau Project?

The My Alabama Woods Cumberland Plateau project is a collaborative of local and state organizations that have come together to help family forest owners better care for their land by helping them with technical expertise and financial resources when applicable to better care for Alabama wildlife and help restore shortleaf pine.