Land management, Tree planting

I have just moved to the country with almost 5 acres with a 1/2 acre pond that is backed by 60+ acres of timber in southern Iowa. I am new to land management and would welcome any suggestions that you may have. I am interested in add a dense oak forest and possible CRP or native grasses around the pond... I just don't know where to begin. I could really use some expert advise before I order any kind of seed or trees. Thank you for your time!


Thank you for your question.  As someone who is new to land management, the first thing I would recommend is taking some time to think about and document the goals that you have for your land.  We have a goal setting tool that can help you with this activity.  But any future activites you do and any professionals you work with will need to understand your goals and help you work to achieve them. 

I would recommend talking with your local state forestry agency or local extension foresters.  They will have some great resources and advice on local funding opportunites and activities you could be doing on your land. We have some instructions available to help walk you through this process of connecting to our 460 plus foresters from around the country.  Through your account, you can Request a Consultation and share a read-only version of your map and goals. 

We have some resources on financial assistance programs available to woodland owners, including CRP as well as the other programs available.  We also have some information about navigating the application process

Hope that helps.

Caroline Kuebler

Program Manager for