How to Apply for Help

Go to the MyLandPlan Tool to learn how to get started on a forest management plan. You'll need one for Farm Bill programs!

Now you’ve decided on a project and found a cost share program that can help you complete it. What’s next?

The application process can be overwhelming if you don’t know the steps. Here’s what to do:

  1. Develop a forest management plan. Many Farm Bill programs won’t consider you a qualifying landowner unless you have a forest management plan, which is a document that records your goals for your forest and the activities you need to do to meet those goals.

A forest management plan is a complex document, and you shouldn’t do it on your own. It’s very important to work with a forester or other natural resource professional to create it together.

Find a forester using our guide and then log in and use the My Land Plan Tool to get started mapping your property and developing your goals for your land. 

The EQIP program has funding available to help you develop a forest management plan. Skip to step 2 if you’d like to get EQIP support for your plan.

  1. Find your local USDA Service Center. They’ll have the necessary forms and application materials for all programs, including EQIP support for developing your forest management plan, and will be able to answer your questions.
  2. Gather your information and register at your USDA Service Center. You’ll need to have:
  1. Complete the application for the Farm Bill programs you’ve selected.

One more thing: keep in mind you’ll need to register at the USDA Service Center nearest your woods. So if you don’t live there, you can call in advance to make an appointment before traveling there, or authorize a relative, partner or consulting forester to register for you.

Knowing the steps can make this process much easier. But if you still need more information or help before going forward, there are several resources available.

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