Which Program is Right for Me?

The MyLandPlan Tool can help you decide what you want to do with your land, which is a first step in knowing which Farm Bill programs are right for you.

EQIP, CRP, CSP, CREP—these are all Farm Bill programs that can benefit woodland owners.

They may look like alphabet soup, but don’t worry. The key to finding the right program isn’t sorting through all the acronyms. It’s deciding what you want to do first.

Whether you want to improve wildlife habitat or need help with forest restoration, there’s a program that can help you meet your goals. So what would you like to do?

If you want to create, restore or improve habitat for wildlife, including threatened and endangered species, then these programs can help:

If you want to restore or protect marshes, swamps or other wetlands on your property, these programs can help:

If you’re interested in erosion control, restoring damaged soils or protecting ground and surface water, these programs can help:

If you’d like to implement thinning, controlled burns or other conservation activities, these programs can help:

If you want to protect environmentally sensitive or important areas of your woods, this program can help:

If you want to restore land that has been damaged by fire, drought, flood or other natural disasters, this program can help:

Perhaps you’re planning more than one project for your property and want to check out the complete list. You’ll find it here.

But if you’ve found the program that’s right for you, then you can skip ahead to the next step: applying for it.

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