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I have 10.37 acres of vacant zoned Forest 1 in Grand View, WI. I bought in 1995 and planned to have camp for family, friends, or inner city kids summer camp. But the land is very wet (low lands). Said to be perked and buildable. 6 years 11 months none
Annie Estate 5 years 3 months none
Can I harvest the timber on these 40 acres so that I can create pasture for horses 3 years 8 months none
How to properly remove Buckhorn? 2 years 1 month none
I have almost 5 acres and was wondering if I could sell any of the trees on it or not? 6 years 10 months none
What would it cost me to get help identifying the trees/brush to clear out to improve what remains in my 7-8 acres of treas? 5 years 2 months none
I have 50 acres of Land in East Texas, and need help on managing it, would like for 40 acres to be used as Timberland. I need to speak with a Consultant. 3 years 6 months none
I would like to harvest the lumber on this property 2 years 2 weeks none
Select cut 6 years 7 months none
What are natural herbicides that you use? 5 years 1 month none
How do i manage my forest? 3 years 4 months none
Can i selective thin and profit from the timber? 1 year 11 months none
I have recently needed to put in a road to allow access to my home because of DOT taking my access for the new road. Since I am in a area deemed to be wetland i thought to put in a temporary road to access my future timber.. thus a timber road! how can I 6 years 7 months none
If Oak tree considered healthy enough for other things then timber could be relocated and sold for conservation? 5 years 1 month none
How to find roads 3 years 2 weeks none
Looking for a forester to consult regarding timber sale 1 year 10 months none
Need some guidlines on who to contact 1st to go about getting my land better setup for wildlife habitat and making it a healthier woods. I have 160 acres in Schoharie County NY. 6 years 6 months none
I am looking for a Forester to help me with my land in Cupertino California 5 years 1 month none
Do i need a forester to assess my woodlot resource 8+ acre property to make improvements to existing residential areas on property? Like wildfire prevention improvements? 3 years 1 week none
How can I make my flooded area healthy again. 1 year 9 months none
i have been planting Dunstan Chestnuts, have about 12 and plan to plant more, also many oaks, and adding PawPaw, 6 years 5 months none
NJ Forest Stewardship Plan Farmer's Exemption 4 years 12 months none
Hi , I would like to know how to create hiking trails? 2 years 10 months none
Im living on 12 acers how do i sell my timber 1 year 8 months none
I am purchasing 200 acres in edges of Ozarks(Fulton County AR). Relatively mature hardwoods with some cedar glades. Assuming selective cutting that would allow harvest 15 years from now, now many tons of hardwood would typically be harvested per acre 6 years 4 months none
Western Highland Rim: I've 170 acres of degraded hardwood with about 60% canopy. Need silviculture advice. 4 years 10 months none
Logging Question 2 years 8 months none
How do I get the most out of my property?! 1 year 5 months none
I lost about 5000bf to the mountain pine beetle and I was not able to recover any value from this timber. Is this loss tax deductible? 6 years 4 months none
Are there any foresters in my area El Dorado county 4 years 10 months none
How do I find someone to buy my timber in Lexington county south carolina? 2 years 6 months none
We want to clear about 3 arces of trees. Would that cost and could we sell that wood? 10 months 1 week none
DAVIS, LOCKLEY,MITCHELL ESTATE 6 years 3 months none
Thin to improve forest health and diversity 4 years 8 months none
How do I sell the timber from my 32 acres in Lutz, Florida? 2 years 6 months none
Can a 200 year old loblolly pine be sold? 8 months 1 week none
For 25 years we are overwelmed with marijuana plants growing on our wood lot. We have cut them down and burned them and used herbicide but they keep coming back in a new location. What can we do to get rid of them. 7 years 8 months none
what is pine "woodsrun"?? 6 years 3 months none
Planting/obtaining 4 years 7 months none
Should I plant younger trees in an area that has several old growth firs? 2 years 6 months none
I will like to grow Burma Padauk and Berchemia zeyher among other things like citrus, etc and claim it as a farm can I?? 6 months 3 weeks none
I currently purchased 30+ acres and I have had some people say that I need to clear cut and start over and some say thin it. 7 years 8 months none
Is it possible to have the back of our property logged to get rid of the large trees? We live in a residential area in Mead, WA. 6 years 2 weeks none
How to start over a stand of loblolly pines ? 4 years 6 months none
What is the market for Paulownia Tree? 2 years 4 months none
How do I find a logger to purchase pine trees in Lavinia, Tennessee 38321 4 months 1 hour none
What activities or tasks do I need to do to accomplish "fire mitigation" of my property? 7 years 7 months none
What can you do to help produce better crop trees in 30-60 years? 5 years 7 months none
What do we do once the harvesting is completed? What are the responsibilities of the harvesting company? 4 years 4 months none
Creating a first year plan for a recent clear 57 acre purchase near McDermott Ohio. 2 years 4 months none