Camera Maintenance

"Hey, get movin'! I think someone is watching us!"

Collecting your photos

  • You’ll need to go back to your camera to collect images off the memory card and change the batteries. Ideally, you should visit your camera about once a week. If you visit frequently, you are more likely to be seen or smelled by the animals, who might move to a different location. Keep in mind that camera batteries need to be changed or charged more frequently in cold weather.
  • Do your camera checks at mid-day, when animals are least likely to be active. When you visit the site, wear neutral colors and don't carry anything that has a strong scent.

Move your camera around

  • It also makes sense to move the camera around, both so your scent doesn’t accumulate in the area and to follow food sources.

Protect your camera

  • Not sure if your camera will be secure? Use a cable lock, or mount it high on a thick tree. Make sure your camera is fitted snugly and firmly. 
  • While most animals will ignore trail cameras, sometimes a curious one might rub or nudge against it.
  • Bears have been known to destroy trail cameras. If you suspect they're around and interested in your camera, purchase a bear-proof case for it.
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