Feeding the Birds in your Woods throughout the winter


Birds still need food, water and shelter, even in the winter.  But they can be harder to come by in the winter.  So what can you do? 

  • If you have bird feeders, consider switching to high calorie, high fat foods like oil sunflower, suet and peanut butter.  So avoid those birdseed mixes with lots of low-calorie seeds (those with wheat, milo, hulled oats, rice and rye seed).  
  • Place your feeders out of the wind and near some safe spots that a bird can go to check out the feeder and escape to if they feel threatened, like near some evergreen trees.
  • Put fresh water out for the birds and consider getting a heater for your bird bath if you live somewhere that freezes.

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Ready to get crafty? 

Just remember to hang them away from windows to avoid collisons. 

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