Getting Help with Access

“Do you think it could be a dinosaur print?”

Planning for public access to your property—whether it’s a single day with your family or an ongoing lease agreement—involves a lot of decision-making and planning. If you need help, there are many professionals who can guide you through the process.  

Contact your:

  • State Tree Farm System program
  • Project Learning Tree state coordinator
  • Cooperative Extension Service local office
  • Preferred forester, or a county, district or local Extension Service forester
  • Local university or high school instructors who specialize in forests or natural resources

You can find more information on ongoing public access to private land, including wildlife leases by clicking on the links below:

The USDA Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentives Program

Wildlife Leases and Liability Issues on Private Lands – a publication of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service

Earning Additional Income Through Hunt Leases on Private Land – a publication of the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service

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