Resources for birding

If your neck is sore, you’ve had a good day birding.

There are countless bird related websites and mobile applications, many of which contain valuable information about birds and birding. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

About Birds and Birding

  • Inside birding—This series of videos from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has great tutorials by expert birders.
  • eBird—This website has fantastic data compiled and presented in charts and maps that show the prevalence of different bird species at different times of year in locations all over the country. You can search for your location and for particular birds to find out if you are likely to see a given species on your land. 
  • Life of Birds—This video series created by David Attenborough is one of the best documentaries ever made about the world of birds.
  • Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching by HomeAdvisor: Includes information on choosing the right binoculars; finding the birds; the best time to bird-watch; bird identification; birding ethics; birding clubs and other bird watching tips. 

Connecting to other birders

  • Birding groups—This site by Keen Footwear lists and maps the existing birding groups by location.  
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