Southern Pine Beetle

Southern pine beetle

What You Need to Know

Though it’s smaller than a grain of rice, the southern pine beetle has a huge impact on forest health. Outbreaks have caused over $1 billion in damages since 1999, and more than 8 million acres remain at risk. Once an infestation sets in, pine mortality can expand by more than 50 feet a day if the insect is not controlled.

Are my woods at risk?

If you grow shortleaf, loblolly, Virginia, and pitch pines—the beetles’ preferred hosts—in an outbreak-prone area, your woods may be at risk of infestation.

This hazard map can show you if the southern pine beetle is a problem in your region.

With the right information, you can protect your woods. Start by learning a little southern pine beetle biology, or jump to steps for damage control or prevention. And remember, help is always available.


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