Forester and Prescribe Burn Expert: Joel Moon

Joel grew up in the Amazon River basin where the towering woods and diverse habitats captured his imagination. Upon returning to the US he attended Auburn University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Engineering.

Over the years, he has held a variety of positions in forestry industry around the Southeast and Canada, including land management, landowner assistance, wood and fiber procurement, supply chain management, and worked with several special projects.

Joel joined the Alabama Forestry Association in 2015, where he is Executive Director of the Alabama Loggers Council. In addition to the Loggers Council, Joel works on various projects throughout the state, including the My Alabama Woods project that focuses on restoring Shortleaf Pine in North Alabama, as well as a project in Southwest Alabama which focuses on enhancing wildlife habitat in Longleaf Pine ecosystems through the use of prescribed fire. Joel is a Registered Forester in Alabama, a Certified Prescribed Fire Manager and a Professional Logging Manager.

Although he is loves spending time in the woods, much of it in solitude, he also considers himself a people person. He enjoys meeting new people and catching up with old friends. His various jobs have brought him in contact with people across the state, landowners, loggers, state agencies, project partners and elected officials. Traveling throughout the state has also given him the opportunity to work around and observe the wide variety of topography, trees, and plants and critters in the woods of Alabama. He takes great joy in sharing his forestry knowledge and experience gained over 30+ years as a professional forester. That being said, he says he’s a lifetime learner, and enjoys learning the creative ways people have devised to accomplish their goals in the woods.

Working with AFA affords him the opportunity to connect with the wonderful people of Alabama and provide them with the tools, knowledge and resources to realize their vision for the property they cherish.