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The tall magestic longleaf pine trees. 

Do you remember the woods of your childhood? With tall pine trees, lush plants, and full of quail, turkey, deer, songbirds and so much more. Would you like to see that on your land again? Longleaf pine, the iconic tree of the South, was the backbone of these woods, supporting not only strong timber markets but also the animals that thrived there. But over the years, the South has lost three quarters of our longleaf forests.

Learn how to bring back longleaf, and all the wildlife a longleaf forest supports.  The My Alabama Woods Initiative is an effort to engage woodland owners like you, with free information and services to enable you to better enjoy your healthy and productive woods.  Would you like a site visit from a forester?  One of our foresters will walk your property with you, answer your questions about how to maintain or improve the wildlife on your alnd and recommend activities you can do to keep your woods and wildlife healthy.

Forester: Joel Moon

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