GPS on your smartphone

GPS points can be easy to find using your smartphone, as long as you have a strong enought GPS signal where you are. 

If you have an iPhone

Your iPhone has a built in GPS that you can access through the Compass app that should be pre-installed on your phone.  First you will need to make sure the location information has been turned on for the Compass:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and click the Privacy icon.
  3. Click on the Location Services arrow.
  4. Tap the slider to turn on your location services (will show a up as green if the location services are turned on).
  5. Scroll down on that same page, find and click on the Compass icon.
  6. Select While Using the App to allow the Compass app to show your current location and your GPS point. 
  7. Click on the <Back to return to the list of apps.  You might consider which app you would like to access location information when you use them and which you don't want to be collecting that information. 
  8. Click your home button and find your Compass app. 
  9. When you open your compass app, you will see your current Latitude and Longitude at the bottom of your screen.  You can copy and paste this number into your Notes app if you would like to record multiple locations while you are walking in your woods.  Just remember to make a note for each point you recorder (for instance: start of the trail, bench by the stream, trail crossing, etc.).

Getting a GPS App

There are many different GPS apps that are available from the Google Play store and the iTunes store.  Check out the descriptions and the reviews to find the one that is right for you.  And if you are interested in getting latitude and longitude points, be sure the app offers and easy way to collect that information. 

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