How to Protect Your Woods Before an Ice Storm Strikes

It’s about the right tree in the right place.

A healthy, well-managed forest will weather the winter with less damage, and will be more likely to survive an ice storm should one happen. Choosing the right tree for the right place is a big part of keeping your woods healthy and ice storm resistant.

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  • The right tree.  More brittle trees are more likely to break when an ice storm weighs down their branches. These brittle species include elm, poplar and willow. Avoid planting these trees in areas where ice storms are common and breakage is likely to happen, especially in locations where a broken branch could endanger your life or your property.
  • The right place. Controlling the spacing of your trees and their structure—through thinning, pruning and planting a mix of tree species and ages—will keep your stands healthier, which will make them more likely to survive an ice storm.

There are many resources on ice storms available, and many professionals willing to help. Our Ice Storm Resources Guide can connect you to that information.

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