Ice Storms

Ice storms are among the most dangerous winter weather for trees.

When winter settles in, many woodland owners begin to worry about ice storms, blizzards and other extreme weather.

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All winter weather—including snow storms and blizzards—can be disruptive and damaging to your woods. But ice storms are among the most dangerous. Ice storms happen when rain falls and freezes instantly, leaving a layer of ice on every exposed surface. The National Weather Service calls it an ice storm when more than 1/4inch of ice accumulates.

Whether your woods are in Florida or Alaska, they’re vulnerable to ice storms. These destructive events can happen anywhere, and cause considerable damage when they do. But many trees can survive and recover from them, especially if they were healthy and well-prepared for winter conditions before the storm struck.

In this section, you’ll learn what ice storms are and why they happen, how ice storms affect your forest, what to do after an ice storm, and how to prepare for and prevent ice storm damage.

You’ll also find more information in our Ice Storm Resources Guide.

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