Protecting Your Woods from Floods

It’s about the right tree in the right place.

Many scientists believe floods, like droughts and hurricanes, are more frequent and intense today than in the past because of climate change, and that this trend is likely to continue as temperatures rise.

That means fostering a healthy, flood-resistant forest may be more important now than ever.

Protecting your woods is all about cultivating the right tree in the right place. But what does that mean for a woodland owner?

  • The right tree. Coastal, riparian (river or stream), and wetland ecosystems are well adapted o occasional floods, which means the trees that grow there can survive and even thrive after a flood. Choose these flood-tolerant species when you can, especially if you live in a high-risk area. These species include baldcypress, tupelo, green ash and black willow.
  • The right place. Controlling the spacing of your trees and their structure—meaning a mix of ages and sizes—will keep your stands healthier, which will make them more resilient when floodwaters rise.

Want to know more about floods, flood damage and where to get professional assistance? Our Flood Resources Guide can help.


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