August 25: Examining Options

We held another Your Legacy, Your Land webinar on August 25 and the topic was examining your options.  Did you miss it?  Check out the video recording and the presentation slides.  And explore the resources listed below.

Your Legacy, Your Land August Webinar: Examing Options from American Forest Foundation on Vimeo.

When looking at your options around the future of your land, they can be broken down into three.  You can give it to:

  1. An indiviudal: including a family member, friend, business partner, neighbor
  2. An organization or a charity
  3. The government

During the webinar, Tammy discussed the options you have for your estate and highlighted the story of Mr Blum to show what can happen if you don't plan. Here are some additional resources:

Assignment for September: Make a list!

Review of Past Topics: June's Family Meeting webinar

Don't forget to plan and host your family meeting.  Can't get together in person?  Consider meeting online:

  • Skype: Can include 25 people, with ten video streams and then the rest of the people on audio. 
  • Google Hangout: Video call with up to ten people.
  • Zoom meeting



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