June 29: Planning Your Family Meeting

Our June Your Legacy, Your Land webinar focused on planning your family meeting and we were joined by special guests Ginny and Allen Nipper.  Check out the recording and review the slides from the presentation


Ginny and Allen Nipper are experts in legacy planning.  Not only have do they have experience with planning and communicating with their own family, but they also help other families work on communication through their Landowners Legacy Communications program.  To learn more, visit their website: landownerlegacy.com.  They talked about family meetings and:

  • Why to have one
  • The importance of
  • Preparing for your family meeting
  • Goals
  • Defining success and evaluating your meeting
  • What could possibly go wrong?
  • What to do after the meeting

They also provided some tips, so be sure to check those out

Additional Resources

Next Month's Worksheet

  1. Plan your family meeting.  We also have this worksheet available as a pdf for those who have trouble downloading the word document.
  2. Share The Heirloom Scale and Individual Values and Goals with your family members.  These worksheets can be useful to start the discussion with your family about the legacy of your land.  
  3. Have your meeting!  We have tips for running a family meeting and the Nippers provide their tips for a successful meeting to help you. 
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