April 28: Who Does What On Your Land? Who Will Do It In the Future?

The third Your Legacy, Your Land webinar was held on April 28, 2016.  The recording and slides can be found below. 

During this webinar, we reviewed:

  • Understanding your assets and their value
  • How you view your land (heirloom or a financial asset)
  • Setting long-term goals for your land

Then we discussed getting on the same page with your co-owners.  Your co-owner  might be your spouse or maybe you are one of many family members.  How do you all get on the same page about the future of your land?  

  • Have each individual examine their goals and values for the land
  • Share those with the other owners
  • Look for points of intersection

What to do if the current owners don't agree?

  1. What is the problem: clearly identify the issue
  2. Identify common goals
  3. Identify barriers
  4. Look for/brainstrom possible solutions
  5. Make a decision

Worksheet 4: Who Does What On Your Land (word version) (pdf version)

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