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Why you? 11 years 2 months 1
Why not provide each states "county tax map" and "public records" websites? 9 years 11 months 2
why is there a large gouge on one of my oak trees? 9 years 10 months 1
Why do loggers say they can not cut large live oak trees? 8 years 12 months 1
Which is better for a tree farms under 200 acres, setting up an LLC or LFP? 10 years 10 months 1
Where to start? 11 years 1 week 1
Where to go for help with creating an edible food forest? 10 years 4 months 2
Where can I find detailed information on thinning? 9 years 2 months 1
When we put the property line on the photos, the area becomes shaded and you cannot see the photo. 10 years 11 months 1
When to burn? 8 years 11 months 1
When I click on a goal there is supposed to be a list of suggestions to help me reach that goal but nothing happens other than the goal (+) highlights in green. 11 years 7 months 1
What would it cost me to get help identifying the trees/brush to clear out to improve what remains in my 7-8 acres of treas? 4 years 11 months none
What trees are naturally grown in my area? 4 years 10 months 1
What timber/wood markets are near my property In Madison, County NC 10 years 1 day 1
What steps to take to stop illegal tree harvesting (poaching) 9 years 10 months 1
What needs to be done to keep my woodlands free of Poison Ivy? 11 years 8 months 2
What kind of bugs are these. 10 years 11 months 1
What is the typical commission a registered forester should receive on a timber sale he assists me with ? 10 years 8 months 1
What is the preferred spacing for Longleaf if straw production is planned? 9 years 11 months 1
What is the market for Paulownia Tree? 2 years 1 month none
What is the going rate for commision on timber sales? 10 years 7 months 1
What is the best distance from the tree line to protect your home in the woods? 9 years 11 months 1
What is the average cost per acre for a forester to mark trees for thinning / harvesting in Iron County, Wisconsin? 4 years 4 months 1
what is pine "woodsrun"?? 5 years 11 months none
What do we do once the harvesting is completed? What are the responsibilities of the harvesting company? 4 years 3 weeks none
what do we do next - I have profiled our property but unsure on next steps to execute the plan. 10 years 8 months 1
What do I need to do to comply with SSPRA requirements? 11 years 1 month 1
What do I do? The vast majority of the trees are Basswood and they have were mostly destroyed... 10 years 8 months 1
What do I do about Multifloral rose? 10 years 1 week 1
What determines which foresters are listed in the list of foresters? 9 years 9 months 1
What considerations are needed to clear overgrown portion of my property and develop into healthy ecosystem 9 years 1 month 1
What can you do to help produce better crop trees in 30-60 years? 5 years 3 months none
what bug is attacking aspens? 7 years 3 weeks 1
What are the prospects for growing vinifera grapes or hops in Reynolds CO, MO. What are the prospects growing for Black Walnuts from DallasTX area? 10 years 4 months 1
What are natural herbicides that you use? 4 years 10 months none
What activities or tasks do I need to do to accomplish "fire mitigation" of my property? 7 years 4 months none
Western Highland Rim: I've 170 acres of degraded hardwood with about 60% canopy. Need silviculture advice. 4 years 7 months none
We want to clear about 3 arces of trees. Would that cost and could we sell that wood? 6 months 2 weeks none
we used to always purchase Doug fir seedlings from elkton nursery. I would like suggestions for local source 2-2 trees 10 years 3 months 1
We recently logged our property about 38 acreas 600,000 GBFand would be interested in having our slash piles chipped instead of burned. Is there any advantage? We are feeling like we can not get them all burned in time for planting in the fall. 10 years 10 months 1
We like to cut the open sections in our land to keep them free of trees. When is the best time to do the cutting? 8 years 12 months 1
We have several trees that appear dead or dying. 3 years 9 months none
We have bug kills in a few trees. After these trees are gone. How do we keep the bugs out of the healty trees? 10 years 6 months 1
We have a beautiful woods, but many of the trees are diseased or infested with bugs. What can we do to help restore the health and beauty of these woods? 5 years 6 months 1
We have 36 acres in Union County Mississippi of cut over land with a kudzu problem on about 15 acres of it. There are many hills and valleys. We want to begin replanting it, but the kudzu is the issue. Where do we start? 10 years 2 months 1
We are requesting information about possible tax abatement programs for our property in NYS 10 years 1 month 1
We are interested in leasing out our land. Need assistance leasing it out. Thanks! 11 years 4 months 1
We are clearing 13 acres in NE texas. we will plant pine and oak next january/february. how do I control weeds,grass and new tree groth in the next 7-8 months? 10 years 8 months 2
water source 10 years 3 months 1
Trying to find saw tooth Oakes to plant and is this a good idea near pines? 10 years 1 week 1