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aerial photo's update 9 years 3 months 1
Can i selective thin and profit from the timber? 7 months 1 week none
"Clear and plant" versus "let nature takes its course" 9 years 9 months 1
A couple questions 9 years 10 months 1
A pipeline easement has clearcut a 90 x 1500 ft plot of forested land in my 100 A in central Ohio. 9 years 8 months 1
After drawing the property boundaries, the area is highlighted, making the photo difficult to use. How do you remove the hilight? 10 years 1 month 1
Am I still forced to use a Snip It or similar tool to create printable products from My Land Plan or is there a way to print directly from the website? 4 years 6 months 1
Annie Estate 3 years 10 months none
Approximately what are walnut trees worth? 6 years 8 months 1
Are there any financial assistance programs to enhance wildlife, in particular whitetail deer, on an 1100 acre tract used for hunting in South Carolina. 6 years 1 day none
Are there any foresters in my area El Dorado county 3 years 6 months none
As a member of AFF can I post a Tree Farm sign on my property? 10 years 2 months 1
Assisting beavers to save trees? 9 years 7 months 1
Attract Wild Turkey 9 years 6 months 1
AZ 40 acres 10 months 1 week none
Biomas Value 6 years 5 months 1
Biomass 6 years 9 months 1
Can a Power co. that has a ROW thru the property from one side to the other cut accross land not in the ROW 5 years 3 months 1
Can anyone advice me on plants that can assist in the remediation of acidic soil. 6 years 7 months 1
Can I add points of interest to my map that I collect in the field with my handheld gps unit? 9 years 3 days 1
Can I enter my own GPS coordinates to create a accurate map of my property...? 8 years 1 month 1
can i get a tax brake/ help if i have a tree farm in mass.? 8 years 1 month 1
Can I get someone to do some selective harvesting of my hardwoods and poplar? 8 years 7 months 1
Can I grow live oaks as part of a tree farm? If so, how far apart should I plant them? 8 years 10 months 1
Can I harvest the timber on these 40 acres so that I can create pasture for horses 2 years 4 months none
Can someone provide a ballpark cost of having a Forester review my property (115 Acres of 50+yr old woods). 3 years 11 months none
Can you explain timber depleton? 8 years 12 months 1
Can you help me find a tree farm appraiser? 8 years 11 months 1
Can you help me find a tree farm appraiser? 8 years 11 months 1
Can you identify the woody vines that seem to hang from the forest canopy pictured in my land plan - Reynolds County, MO.? 9 years 3 months 1
Cloudy pond 9 years 10 months 2
Conducting a Burn 10 months 2 weeks none
Coppicing for sustainable woodlot 7 years 1 month 1
Cost share programs in Tennessee? 9 years 3 weeks 2
Cost Sharing Programs 2 years 5 months none
Creating a first year plan for a recent clear 57 acre purchase near McDermott Ohio. 12 months 3 days none
creating deer bedding area 6 years 4 months 1
Current Use Plan 9 years 5 months 1
Cutting 400 acres of timber 4 years 7 months 1
DAVIS, LOCKLEY,MITCHELL ESTATE 4 years 11 months none
Do i need a forester to assess my woodlot resource 8+ acre property to make improvements to existing residential areas on property? Like wildfire prevention improvements? 1 year 7 months none
Do I need a minimum amount of acerage before I can log my timber for profit? 2 years 4 months none
do i need to get a survey in order to have my property logged 3 years 4 months 1
Do you work in central MN? 10 years 3 weeks 2
Does stacking cut fire wood next to large oak affect the trees health? Dr Scott Boyle 8 years 10 months 1
Does the county or state offer no charge ID help? 9 years 6 months 1
Effective Management 7 years 8 months 1
First thin ... 7 years 10 months 1
For 25 years we are overwelmed with marijuana plants growing on our wood lot. We have cut them down and burned them and used herbicide but they keep coming back in a new location. What can we do to get rid of them. 6 years 4 months none
Forest consultant for less than 10 acres? 7 years 10 months 1