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Annie Estate 5 years 4 weeks none
Can someone provide a ballpark cost of having a Forester review my property (115 Acres of 50+yr old woods). 5 years 1 month none
Selling the timber 5 years 2 months none
Subdivision next to my land has a Laguna draining onto my property without my permission. What can I do 5 years 3 months none
Subdivision next to my land has a Laguna draining onto my property without my permission. What can I do 5 years 3 months none
What can you do to help produce better crop trees in 30-60 years? 5 years 5 months none
We have a beautiful woods, but many of the trees are diseased or infested with bugs. What can we do to help restore the health and beauty of these woods? 5 years 7 months 1
Am I still forced to use a Snip It or similar tool to create printable products from My Land Plan or is there a way to print directly from the website? 5 years 8 months 1
should seller settlement checks be delivered to seller agent? 5 years 8 months 1
Selective Logging 5 years 9 months 1
Cutting 400 acres of timber 5 years 10 months 1
Is it possible to have the back of our property logged to get rid of the large trees? We live in a residential area in Mead, WA. 5 years 10 months none
what is pine "woodsrun"?? 6 years 1 month none
I lost about 5000bf to the mountain pine beetle and I was not able to recover any value from this timber. Is this loss tax deductible? 6 years 2 months none
Handling invasive species of plants 6 years 2 months 1
I am purchasing 200 acres in edges of Ozarks(Fulton County AR). Relatively mature hardwoods with some cedar glades. Assuming selective cutting that would allow harvest 15 years from now, now many tons of hardwood would typically be harvested per acre 6 years 2 months none
i have been planting Dunstan Chestnuts, have about 12 and plan to plant more, also many oaks, and adding PawPaw, 6 years 3 months none
Need some guidlines on who to contact 1st to go about getting my land better setup for wildlife habitat and making it a healthier woods. I have 160 acres in Schoharie County NY. 6 years 4 months none
I have recently needed to put in a road to allow access to my home because of DOT taking my access for the new road. Since I am in a area deemed to be wetland i thought to put in a temporary road to access my future timber.. thus a timber road! how can I 6 years 5 months none
Select cut 6 years 5 months none
Can a Power co. that has a ROW thru the property from one side to the other cut accross land not in the ROW 6 years 5 months 1
Thinning and light clearing 6 years 6 months 1
I have almost 5 acres and was wondering if I could sell any of the trees on it or not? 6 years 8 months none
I have 10.37 acres of vacant zoned Forest 1 in Grand View, WI. I bought in 1995 and planned to have camp for family, friends, or inner city kids summer camp. But the land is very wet (low lands). Said to be perked and buildable. 6 years 9 months none
Is there a good ratio of different tree species to have? 6 years 10 months none
I have a five ac thinned loblolly plantation in Mobile County. DBH 12-16 dbh with an understory of yaupon that is 12 to 15 ft tall on average. 7 years 1 month 1
what bug is attacking aspens? 7 years 2 months 1
Are there any financial assistance programs to enhance wildlife, in particular whitetail deer, on an 1100 acre tract used for hunting in South Carolina. 7 years 2 months none
NC Fire season 7 years 4 months none
so i have just over 4 acres and was wondering if i could sell any of the timber on it ? 7 years 5 months none
What activities or tasks do I need to do to accomplish "fire mitigation" of my property? 7 years 5 months none
I currently purchased 30+ acres and I have had some people say that I need to clear cut and start over and some say thin it. 7 years 6 months none
How do you document the price recieved and the amount of timber in a Timber Deed? 7 years 6 months 1
From a forester, I want to know if it costs for an initial visit from a forester to assess my forestry needs. 7 years 6 months 1
For 25 years we are overwelmed with marijuana plants growing on our wood lot. We have cut them down and burned them and used herbicide but they keep coming back in a new location. What can we do to get rid of them. 7 years 6 months none
How do I obtain a Forest Management plan for Spokane County Assessors 7 years 7 months 1
Questions about buying equipment to cut slabs of lumber from downed trees. 7 years 7 months 2
creating deer bedding area 7 years 7 months 1
I have ash trees in their second year of emerald ash borer. Is there anything that can be done to save the trees? Also I have old and young willow trees next to my pond and two of four have died this year. Any thoughts on why? 7 years 7 months 1
Biomas Value 7 years 7 months 1
Looking for a herbicide that will kill sweet gum and honey locust in pine plantation using hack and squirt method. 7 years 9 months 1
Can anyone advice me on plants that can assist in the remediation of acidic soil. 7 years 10 months 1
Approximately what are walnut trees worth? 7 years 11 months 1
Sample Plan 7 years 11 months 1
Biomass 7 years 11 months 1
How can I make my land better? For wildlife and overall enjoyment of walking or hiking? 8 years 3 weeks 1
New Timber Landowner. Completely Overwhelmed. 8 years 1 month 1
I have about 20 acres of land that I would like to cut down some of the trees on for profit. 8 years 1 month 1
Have 2 creeks and medium river bordering property. river floods creeks and water holding areas. how do i manage flooding? 8 years 2 months 1