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Trying to attract more turkey, deer and dove. What would be good to plant such as trees, food plots, ect? 10 years 1 month 1
Trees that are fallen Do you leave or remove? 4 years 9 months 1
Trees on land 9 years 5 months 1
tree sale 8 years 2 months 1
Tree Farm Certification "How To"? 10 years 7 months 1
Timber theft 9 years 3 months 1
Thinning and light clearing 6 years 6 months 1
Thining trees 9 years 4 months 1
Thin to improve forest health and diversity 4 years 6 months none
There is a massive die off of Jeffery and Ponderosa pines from bark beetles on my land... 10 years 12 months 1
Survey, tree planting leveling ground 10 years 6 months 2
Subdivision next to my land has a Laguna draining onto my property without my permission. What can I do 5 years 3 months none
Subdivision next to my land has a Laguna draining onto my property without my permission. What can I do 5 years 3 months none
some kind of white fungus on the bark of my white pines 9 years 6 months 1
so i have just over 4 acres and was wondering if i could sell any of the timber on it ? 7 years 5 months none
should seller settlement checks be delivered to seller agent? 5 years 8 months 1
Should i post my land, do i need insurance if someone goes on it and is hurt. 10 years 8 months 1
Should I plant younger trees in an area that has several old growth firs? 2 years 3 months none
Should I allow a third party to use my land for access to someone else's timber cutting? 8 years 4 months 1
Selling the timber 5 years 2 months none
Sell trees for timber 9 years 3 months 1
Selective Logging 5 years 9 months 1
Select cut 6 years 5 months none
see below: 9 years 9 months 1
Satellite updating 10 years 2 months 1
Sample Plan 7 years 11 months 1
Road Improvement 11 years 4 months 1
Questions about buying equipment to cut slabs of lumber from downed trees. 7 years 7 months 2
Profitting from non desirable trees 10 years 1 week 1
Problem with editing features on the map 11 years 8 months 1
Porter Farm 4 years 1 month none
Poison Ivy 8 years 8 months 1
Planting/obtaining 4 years 5 months none
Only 5 acres wooded 9 years 11 months 1
NJ Forest Stewardship Plan Farmer's Exemption 4 years 10 months none
New Timber Landowner. Completely Overwhelmed. 8 years 1 month 1
New Land Owner of 80 Acres in Dale Co SO - HELP! 8 years 2 months 1
Need some guidlines on who to contact 1st to go about getting my land better setup for wildlife habitat and making it a healthier woods. I have 160 acres in Schoharie County NY. 6 years 4 months none
Need help to develop plan for our property of 300 acres in Lycoming county. Woods, Lake, stream and open fields 11 years 2 months 1
NE Florida Eastern Nassua plots for deers...currently liming to raise low ph 10 years 3 months 1
NC Fire season 7 years 4 months none
Names of reliable foresters and loggers near my property 10 years 10 months 1
My property is in the MFL. Can it be considered a farm for Tax Exempt status to purchase items needed to maintain the property and purchase new nursery stock? 9 years 5 months 2
My pond is starting to develop quite a bit of green algae, what can I do to stop this before it becomes a problem? 10 years 9 months 1
My pine forest understory is plagued with sassafras. Other than regular cutting, is there any way to discourage it? 10 years 9 months 1
my neighbor illegally hired a logger to cut 62 trees to sell from my property. what can be done about this? 8 years 4 months 1
My land was logged a few years back and many ferns have grown in the open areas. Do ferns offer any value. I am considering mowing them down where I can, then planting pine seedlings or plants to attract wildlife. Any suggestions? 10 years 5 months 1
my land is overgrown with privite, china berry ect. there is some older age class pine, oak, poplar, and birch. how much of this shrubby brush should I remove. 10 years 3 months 1
My family has a tree farm in Massachusetts and I am curious, is it standard for a forester to apply a fee based on the percentage of timber sale or an hourly rate? 11 years 4 months 1
my company offers silvicultutal services in NC SC Ga. and Va. 11 years 2 months 1