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Is there a preferred method/time of year to transplant a wild birch tree to my home? 7 years 11 months 2
Questions about buying equipment to cut slabs of lumber from downed trees. 4 years 9 months 2
Cloudy pond 8 years 2 months 2
Survey, tree planting leveling ground 7 years 8 months 2
Cost share programs in Tennessee? 7 years 5 months 2
is it feasible to cut timber from 1 acre of land for income. We would not want clearcutting, but select cutting of some premium trees. 7 years 5 months 2
Why not provide each states "county tax map" and "public records" websites? 7 years 3 months 2
What needs to be done to keep my woodlands free of Poison Ivy? 8 years 11 months 2
Where to go for help with creating an edible food forest? 7 years 7 months 2
How do I make my woods more resistant to insect attack? 8 years 11 months 2
Do you work in central MN? 8 years 5 months 2
My property is in the MFL. Can it be considered a farm for Tax Exempt status to purchase items needed to maintain the property and purchase new nursery stock? 6 years 7 months 2
Herbicide for pine replanting 7 years 1 week 2
I have approximately 16 acres in Clinton County, Michigan. A large part of my woods is made up of visibly distressed or standing dead ash. As I burn wood, would it be advisable to get all of the ash down and cut as soon as possible to promote new growth 7 years 6 months 2
Maple trees in my oak stand 8 years 7 months 2
We are clearing 13 acres in NE texas. we will plant pine and oak next january/february. how do I control weeds,grass and new tree groth in the next 7-8 months? 8 years 1 week 2
creating deer bedding area 4 years 9 months 1
How do I change the "satellite" view to leaf-off? 7 years 2 months 1
Is there a way to print a full report of my plan? 8 years 3 months 1
Thinning and light clearing 3 years 8 months 1
I have approx 100 mature loblolly pine trees I want removed 6 years 10 months 1
We have a beautiful woods, but many of the trees are diseased or infested with bugs. What can we do to help restore the health and beauty of these woods? 2 years 9 months 1
Sell trees for timber 6 years 5 months 1
How to find a location for a tree farm. 7 years 8 months 1
Trees that are fallen Do you leave or remove? 1 year 11 months 1
I will be clearing some trees on my property to make room for a house. How can I determine if there is any timber that coudl be sold for profit? 5 years 11 months 1
I have gas pipe lines on my land, how can I est utilize this space? 7 years 5 months 1
in like to be tree farm certified 5 years 4 months 1
Can you help me find a tree farm appraiser? 7 years 3 months 1
Road Improvement 8 years 6 months 1
Profitting from non desirable trees 7 years 2 months 1
Can a Power co. that has a ROW thru the property from one side to the other cut accross land not in the ROW 3 years 7 months 1
How do I print a Land management plan? 6 years 10 months 1
what do we do next - I have profiled our property but unsure on next steps to execute the plan. 7 years 11 months 1
can i get a tax brake/ help if i have a tree farm in mass.? 6 years 5 months 1
Interested in learning more about my property, if it's possible to selectively cut trees 5 years 11 months 1
New Land Owner of 80 Acres in Dale Co SO - HELP! 5 years 4 months 1
Can you help me find a tree farm appraiser? 7 years 3 months 1
How do I develop a written plan that conforms to the certification standards of ATFS? 8 years 6 months 1
How do I obtain a Forest Management plan for Spokane County Assessors 4 years 8 months 1
why is there a large gouge on one of my oak trees? 7 years 2 months 1
A couple questions 8 years 2 months 1
Mowing between seedlings - I have planted pine seedlings at 8' spacing and completed the first of two annual weed sprayings. One of my goals is to keep the land accessible by bush-hogging some trails and between the rows of trees. The seedlings are 6 years 10 months 1
Assisting beavers to save trees? 7 years 11 months 1
Can I enter my own GPS coordinates to create a accurate map of my property...? 6 years 5 months 1
What are the prospects for growing vinifera grapes or hops in Reynolds CO, MO. What are the prospects growing for Black Walnuts from DallasTX area? 7 years 8 months 1
I have donated April or may 2014 and 2015, 5 years 10 months 1
I was looking to hinge cut some young oaks but really afraid of the oak wilt. Will leaving wounded hinge cut oaks for deer jeopradize the surrounding trees. Aslo in southern Mi, we have two cherry varieties, Black and ?. They appear to have adolesent 5 years 4 months 1
Why you? 8 years 6 months 1
Has any research been done on the fire risk from the use of candle powered party baloons? 7 years 2 months 1