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I have approximately 16 acres in Clinton County, Michigan. A large part of my woods is made up of visibly distressed or standing dead ash. As I burn wood, would it be advisable to get all of the ash down and cut as soon as possible to promote new growth 9 years 5 months 2
Maple trees in my oak stand 10 years 6 months 2
We are clearing 13 acres in NE texas. we will plant pine and oak next january/february. how do I control weeds,grass and new tree groth in the next 7-8 months? 9 years 12 months 2
Is there a preferred method/time of year to transplant a wild birch tree to my home? 9 years 11 months 2
Survey, tree planting leveling ground 9 years 7 months 2
Cost share programs in Tennessee? 9 years 4 months 2
Cloudy pond 10 years 2 months 2
is it feasible to cut timber from 1 acre of land for income. We would not want clearcutting, but select cutting of some premium trees. 9 years 4 months 2
Why not provide each states "county tax map" and "public records" websites? 9 years 2 months 2
What needs to be done to keep my woodlands free of Poison Ivy? 10 years 11 months 2
Where to go for help with creating an edible food forest? 9 years 7 months 2
How do I make my woods more resistant to insect attack? 10 years 11 months 2
Do you work in central MN? 10 years 4 months 2
My property is in the MFL. Can it be considered a farm for Tax Exempt status to purchase items needed to maintain the property and purchase new nursery stock? 8 years 6 months 2
Questions about buying equipment to cut slabs of lumber from downed trees. 6 years 8 months 2
Herbicide for pine replanting 8 years 11 months 2
We have bug kills in a few trees. After these trees are gone. How do we keep the bugs out of the healty trees? 9 years 9 months 1
Effective Management 8 years 3 weeks 1
Trying to find saw tooth Oakes to plant and is this a good idea near pines? 9 years 3 months 1
do i need to get a survey in order to have my property logged 3 years 8 months 1
I have several properties, how do i add them 9 years 2 months 1
Where to start? 10 years 3 months 1
How much would I have to pay a forester to hire a logger and sell the pine trees from my land? 7 years 4 months 1
Can I get someone to do some selective harvesting of my hardwoods and poplar? 8 years 11 months 1
Names of reliable foresters and loggers near my property 9 years 12 months 1
Thining trees 8 years 5 months 1
I"m looking for a land management plan template - best suited for private landowners 9 years 9 months 1
I would like to add to my forest whatever I can to help the bee population. Any ideas? 8 years 2 weeks 1
How do I know if my trees can be sold? 9 years 5 months 1
Garli Mustard in a stream corridor - marl fen and upland - in Western NY 9 years 3 months 1
What is the average cost per acre for a forester to mark trees for thinning / harvesting in Iron County, Wisconsin? 3 years 8 months 1
My family has a tree farm in Massachusetts and I am curious, is it standard for a forester to apply a fee based on the percentage of timber sale or an hourly rate? 10 years 6 months 1
How do you retrieve a map 9 years 2 months 1
How do you recommend I conduct small scale logging in steep terrain? 10 years 3 months 1
tree sale 7 years 3 months 1
see below: 8 years 11 months 1
From a forester, I want to know if it costs for an initial visit from a forester to assess my forestry needs. 6 years 8 months 1
I have been clearing underbrush and thinning my 16 acers of loblolly pine, by hand a little at a time for several years. How far apart should i thin the pines to. It lookes like they were originally planted in rows but many volunteers are growing. 8 years 5 months 1
Current Use Plan 9 years 9 months 1
I have an "island" of land that is accessed across a river/creek and is the only access point, when it rains the water fills up the "gully" and accessed cannot be attained. What do you think is the best method of creating a crossing from main road to the 7 years 11 months 1
We have 36 acres in Union County Mississippi of cut over land with a kudzu problem on about 15 acres of it. There are many hills and valleys. We want to begin replanting it, but the kudzu is the issue. Where do we start? 9 years 5 months 1
What do I do about Multifloral rose? 9 years 3 months 1
As a member of AFF can I post a Tree Farm sign on my property? 10 years 6 months 1
Does stacking cut fire wood next to large oak affect the trees health? Dr Scott Boyle 9 years 2 months 1
When we put the property line on the photos, the area becomes shaded and you cannot see the photo. 10 years 2 months 1
Have 2 creeks and medium river bordering property. river floods creeks and water holding areas. how do i manage flooding? 7 years 3 months 1
I have 80 acres in North Florida and considering a large select cut to ten trees per acre to regenerate . 8 years 11 months 1
What do I do? The vast majority of the trees are Basswood and they have were mostly destroyed... 9 years 12 months 1
How do you document the price recieved and the amount of timber in a Timber Deed? 6 years 8 months 1
I would like to make my 60 acre hunting property better, what are some ways to draw in deer? 8 years 5 months 1